Knights of the Round: final fantasy summons

The Final Fantasy XIV Gil: Episode Duscae demo offered a brief but exciting glimpse into what the 2016 (hopefully) game will deliver. I expected the visuals or combat style to be the coolest part of the demo, but was absolutely blown away when I summoned Ramuh. What I witnessed was one of the greatest, most exciting moments in my long-running Final Fantasy career. Considering the fact that Ramuh is typically a early level, low-damaging summon, the other summons in FFXV are likely to be insane.

Ramuh got the Final Fantasy aficionados at Power Up Gaming thinking about the summons that we rely on the most, and the ones that we think are, hands down, just the best. So, whether we call them Eidolons, Aeons, Espers, or Guardian Forces, here are the summons that we think kick the most ass.

Knights of the Round

Knights of the Round is an extremely unique summon. It appears solely in FFVII, and is not one character, but the thirteen Knights of the Round Table, each of which attacks with a different style of weapon or elemental magic, concluding with King Arthur. The Knights entirely ignore the target’s defence statistics and are capable of instantly killing nearly every enemy in the game except for the Weapons and Safer-Sephiroth. At its absolute maximum, Knights of the Round can deal 129,987 damage. Ouch.

Thankfully, KOTR isn’t compatible with FFXIV Gil Quad Magic. The summon takes about a minute and a half to complete. Imagine that four times in a row. Unnecessary overkill is what that is.

So how many FFXIV jobs do you play regularly?

Just curious how many FFXIV Gil jobs do you play regularly? Is it just you’re main job or many others? Currently I play as the DRG & NIN- leveling up MNK atm. It’s a lot of work to play more than one job simultaneously versus just one main. With the lv. 50-60 taking as much time as 1-50 leveling, I’m considering having one main and level the rest later. So how do you guys play?

It’s only gonna take that long going through all of the story quest stuff, I’d guess. Just leveling another job 50-60 through fates and dungeons afterward shouldn’t be that bad. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll be getting all of my jobs from 50-60.

As for me, I don’t really have a main job. I go through phases where I really like doing a certain job and play it a lot, but that job changes pretty frequently. It’s unfortunate that this game punishes you so much for having alts or wanting to play multiple jobs, though. Sometimes I can’t get myself to play one of my lesser geared dps because I feel bad for holding a group back when I have two damage dealers with zeta. Regardless, on this character I spend most time on ninja, black mage or scholar, and my alt is mostly dragoon and white mage. Those are probably going to change Cheap FFXIV Gil with 3.0 and new jobs, though!

Can you change the effect on the FFXIV friendship circlet to level 50 or less?

So I did the recruit a Final Fantasy XIV Gil friend thing cause I thought the friendship circlet would be useful in the future for levelling new jobs (when I recruited my friend I was already 50 everything).

Now with the announcement that jobs are going to start at 30, the circlet is pretty much redundant to me since it only works up to level 25… So could you please change the effect to be a 20% exp boost up to level 50 so the circlet can stay relevant into future content?

Yea, it’s kinda selfish to think of the circlet as something that should benefit you more because it means you are missing the point of it entirely.

The Circlet is given to both the new player and current player in an instance in which both may have a job at lv 1 they both want to level. Rather than just give the xp perk to the new player and causing a 25% xp gain to accumulate over time they give the circlet to both players so that they can reach 25 at about the same time. While yes the current player may have rested xp and xp boost from FFXIV Gil having a job at 50 already, the new player has quest which they can use to balance the amount of xp they get compared to the current player.

Thank You Thread for FFXIV Developers

I don’t have Final Fantasy XIV Gil as many posts as others, but I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of complaining about insignificant things lately, and I’ve always found a billion things I’m thankful for about this game before I find one “ehhh this could have been better”.

So I figure, why not make a positive thread about the things we absolutely loved lately? We’ve all got to have at least one experience in this game that we can say “OH MY GOD PLEASE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN.”

Positive reinforcement. Let’s see what you got!

I think compliment threads are awesome and people should definitely make them! But understanding people, I’m always a little befuddled why people believe the forums would be anything but mostly complaining and how complaining about minor things is both a boon and a compliment*. When you want to get kudo points, fix some minor thing. When you want to see what the major issues of the day are, and it’s ‘not enough pixels on the grass’ – heck you’ve done pretty good so far. It’s when everything is a major issue that you probably should be concerned :P . Delivery could be more friendly, still bad english but I’ve tried to make sure more of my stuff comes across as intended and not like “this is dodo poop!!” (I’ve never intended it to be that way) when I do actually have a complaint.

Anyway lol, here are a few random things:
Hildibrand story of course, it’s really well polished.
I love zones, make more zones – oh wait there is an expansion..? Yay~
That they are consistently concerned about everyone having fun and don’t forever box off harder content. I say that as a Souls/Rogue fan, but I also say that when I have limited time in the day and just want to have some semi-mindful button smashing fun.
Main storyline, would’ve liked my character to have done more in that last scene but it was still very exciting – I like my city leader… .
They’ve changed little things in the FFXIV Power leveling game over time, both polishing features and also the terrain (not only Revenant’s Toll has had changes).
Voice acting is great. I did have some minor issues with the pacing in the very beginning and generally would read faster and then skip (early ARR content), but the newer content it seems everyone has found their place and I’ll wait for them to finish.
Edda, Mor Dhona Carby.
Boss music.

Jumbo Cactpot FFXIV Ticket Vanished

So.. I know I got a Cheap FFXIV Gil Jumbo Cactpot ticket for this week.. yet I go to turn it in and the NPC says I haven’t gotten one for this weeks drawing.

I know I got one because it was on my main character and I always make sure to get one and this is the second time this has happened that my Jumbo Cacktpot Ticket disappeared on me as though I’d never purchased one. Heck I even checked earlier when I was on this morning and I saw I had a ticket.. yet come the time I actually want to turn it in, it’s gone. I DID NOT server transfer; I’ve been on Balmung for a long time now with no transfers in recent history.

I know other people have had this issue, please fix this SE.

Edit: I’m a little furious.. because my Ticket number would have won 3rd prize.. How do I know this? I use the same number on another character as I do my main.

This just happened to me. I checked my numbers (window was still open showing my numbers), then talked to the cashier, yet she said:

“Cactpot Cashier: I am terribly sorry, miss, but you can no longer claim prizes for that ticket. Allow me to take it off your hands, and offer my condolences for your missed FFXIV Power leveling fortune.”

Question about FFXIV Astrologist Draw ability

So I was listening to a Mr.Happy video about astrologist, and Buy FFXIV Gil he talked about the Draw ability being on a GCD with a 15 sec cd. So if you use draw you can’t heal for 10-15 seconds. Is this true, if so I might just rethink using astrologist.

That’s not how it works at all. Draw allows you to draw a card, whereupon you have a certain amount of time to use the card on someone, Spread it, Shuffle it, or Royal Road it for another card. If that time expires and you haven’t used the card, it simply disappears and Draw goes onto cooldown. Draw has a cooldown of 30 seconds, not 15. Buffs on the card have a duration of 10-15 seconds, IIRC. So what would happen is, you Draw a card, perform an action with it (whether you actually use it, set it aside, or Shuffle/Road for a new one is up to you), then as soon as the card is actually used Final Fantasy XIV Gil, Draw goes into CD, allowing you to cast other spells while you wait for it to come back up. You likely won’t be able to perform any other spells while Drawing and USING the card, but once you’ve used it you’re free to act again.

Does that make sense? Sorry if my explanation isn’t that great.

Big tip for casters on FFXIV PS4

Does it annoy the living crap out of you when you start casting fire or any other Cheap FFXIV Gil spell on a mob as it then runs through you and interrupts your cast?

Well there’s actually a function to prevent this called “face target” on keyboard which is the F key. It allows your character to follow the mob and face them no matter where the mob goes and will not interrupt your cast.

This is especially useful in PvP.

Now what I recommend for console players is to do the following.
Open up system configuration, go to controller settings, go to controller customization and click begin. Now move to L3 which is the left toggle with an arrow pointing down. Change this to face target and now when you engage an enemy, just click your FFXIV Gil left toggle and never have another cast interrupted!

Also do not worry about not being able to unsheathe your weapon, you can still unsheathe by holding L1 and then pressing R1.
If you didn’t know any of this, I hope it helps!

I would just like to add another option to help prevent this problem, and is also the method I use. This is slightly more flexible in my opinion, but to each their own. Whatever works best for you.

I have created a face target macro.


I put the ability on one of my expanded hotbars. The way it works is simple. I cast all my abilities as normal. However if I start casting fire for example, and the target begins moving, I engage my expanded hotbar and spam the hell out of the macro. By spamming the macro mid cast it ensures you rotate along with your moving target, but since the movements are so slight with each button push, voilá, no more interupts.

Alexander raid need Final Fantasy XIV info

I keep hearing different things on how the raid will be I don’t care about loot distribution or such in this right now Final Fantasy XIV Gil instead need info on how it plays.

Is DF going to continue to limit teal raids as in we not getting one we don’t need ever any thing like how coil is again. We need real raids I heard from one person its going to be room clearing like how WoW did their raids never played it but it sounds good and that’s what we need.

Please no more straight line to just one boss like with coil or worse just a filed with a boss this is boaring and needs to end.

No one knows exactly how Alexander will be.

I personally would prefer endgame raids to be more like WoWs (and I only mean that in the sense that the raid is a single instance, aka world of darkness except bigger, instead of being 4 bosses in 4 different “turns”)

I’d rather we have a raid, named Alexander, or Coil, and it’s a large single instance, with many different bosses.
If you go in, clear the trash and the first boss it will save your progress, if you re-enter, everything you killed is still dead. It would reset weekly like normal.

I’d much prefer that over clearing T1, then T2, etc. The way it is now, even with the cutscenes (I REALLY love how there’s cutscenes in the raid) but the fact that the “raid” is 4 different instances, really breaks the immersion and some of the progression even, for me personally.
It just kind of breaks me off from the story when the end game raid isn’t “really” a single place. While technically it is though. It just doesn’t feel like it almost, imo.

But even so, with the way this game is designed, with every zone not being a seamless transition, and instead everything is locked behind loading screens, I’m not sure, athough considering LOTA, ST, and WoD proove it could work I feel like.

Even so, I really enjoyed Coil, even if I still have to clear 12 and 13, and if they stick to the same formula of “turns”, I’ll be ok with it.

FIFA Ultimate Team Div 1 winner just getting started with Pro

I’m a daily FIFA veteran, but I’m new to Pro and really enjoying the teamwork aspect. I have two general questions for anyone nice enough to help:

I am still getting familiar with the FIFA 15 Coins player-rating-improvement process (playing as many drop games as possible). Any other good tips for improving player rating?

Also, any good advice for unlocking attributes and/or building players would be greatly appreciated!

Last but not least, if anyone is interested in adding me to your team, I’m looking for a team who plays regularly. I prefer forward, but I’m proficient in all positions and would be happy to play RB if it means I’m on a good team of dedicated players.

My gamertag is “QNag”

Thanks for reading and helping. Happy Holidays

The best feeling after 120 minutes FIFA 15 of hell

I decided to play a friendly so I cfan enjoy some attacking football… Start of the game he does one attack cross header hit the bar and rebounded for 1:0. .. Then 3 replays and I said to myself this will be bad…..

He parked the bus wasted time with the keeper and used 3 pauses in the first half. By a miracle I scored 38 minutes with a solo reid I was a man and didnt put 3 FIFA 15 Coins replays… Start of second half.. He sprints to the corner cross and 2:1…

Then again 38 more minutes of PURE HELL. Wasted times passing back four.. Watching for throwing ins and free kicks to be taken and then by a miracle I scored 2:2 in 87 minute…

In the extra half god was with me and I scored 3:2 in the second half.. The match instead of 15 minutes was 25 …. I lost ton of nerves and if I had lost I was going to be *

End of the line. This was a friendly game.. I could undestand if this was SEASONS or a cup final….

Played two friendlies yesterday where my opponent was trying to DDoS me, the lag was awful at certain points, ended up behind in both games and went on to win, one after extra time the other in normal time. Feels good when the cheaters/sweaty players get what they deserve.